Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes, we have a one year guarantee on all parts and service supplied by Patriot Plumbing service.

Do you install tankless water heaters?
Yes, we install all types of water heaters. Give us a call to set up a time to have one installed. 
What sort of plumbing services does Patriot Plumbing offer?

Patriot Plumbing offers services:

Patriot Plumbing is proud to offer a variety of plumbing repair and maintenance services. We can help you repair and replace your water and waste pipes, replace faucets and fixtures, install frost proof hose bibs, install backup sump pump and alarms for water leaks and temperature drops which can cause major damage to your home. FROM ROUGH TO FINISH, REMODEL AND REPAIR, PATRIOT PLUMBING DOES IT WITH CARE.

Do you have any preventative maintenance tips for my plumbing system?

Absolutely! Patriot plumbing wants to help you extend the life of your plumbing system, and has some helpful tips:  


  • Looking for signs of leaks around your home’s foundation, where pipes run through walls, and near visible pipes. Signs of a leak include puddles of water and watermarks on walls, floors or ceilings.
  • Looking for signs of corrosion. Pipe corrosion can cause leaks and bad pipe connections if not corrected. Green stains around copper and brass fittings and on shutoff valves are a sign of corrosion.
  • Testing water pressure. Water pressure measures the force of water, as it comes out of sink faucets and showerheads. Low water pressure can be a sign of a problem with the water line or of sediment build up in the faucet or shower head.
  • Removing the showerhead to look for any blockage or sediment that it may have collected. Blockages and sediment buildup can cause lower water pressure.
  • Checking each sink, bathtub, and shower for the speed of drainage. Slow drainage is usually a sign of a clog in the drain or a blocked pipe. When draining, the water should have a full swirl. If you see bubbles when the water is draining, this usually indicates a problem.
  • Checking the inside parts and the flushing handle of toilets. To make sure they are flushing properly, flush each toilet at least once. Check inside the tank of the toilet to see if any parts are rusted, missing, or broken. Make sure there is no water on the floor around the toilet, and that the toilet water does not continue to run after flushing.
  • Looking for cracked tiles in the around sinks, near the water pipes in the home, or in the shower. Hollow or loose tiles can be an indication that there is a leak underneath or behind the tile that may have caused rotting.
  • Checking if any sink, bathtub, or toilet caulking is coming off.
  • Checking for mildew in sinks, bathtubs, showers, and clothes washers. Mildew is caused by standing water that has dried up again.
  • Checking to see if toilets rock or move by pushing and pulling on each toilet.
  • Looking inside the burner chamber of your home’s water heater, for any flakes of rust. Also, check the flame of the water heater, to make sure it is a blue color. If you see a yellow color, this can indicate that the jets need to be cleaned.
  • Draining the water heater to remove sediment build up.
  • Turning on all of the faucets to see if there is any water leaking out of the handles and valves.
  • Checking the hoses connected to your washing machine, to make sure they are not cracked, brittle, or leaking.
Do you have insurance?
Yes. Patriot Plumbing carries General Liability insurance, Workman’s Compensation insurance and insurance on all our vehicles.
What payment methods does your company accept?
Patriot plumbing accepts personal checks, Visa, Mastercard and cash.
I’ve heard on-demand or point-of-use tankless water heaters are more efficient. Should I replace my traditional tank water heater?
This depends on a few different factors, notably cost and the overall quantity of hot water you use on a daily basis. Tankless water heaters tend to cost more money upfront, but they do tend to save customers money in the long-run. Replacement may also depend upon the integrity of your current water heater, whether it needs major repair, and how long it will last. 
If I don’t use my drains, do they dry out?

Is some cases, yes. If you smell sewer gas it may be a trap that has lost its seal.

How do I know if I have a leak?
It’s the homeowner’s job to recognize the tell-tale signs of a water leak, but once it is spotted, our team of expert technicians can take care of it. Common warning signs include: wet spots on the carpet, unusually high water bills, increased levels of humidity in your home, water spots on your lawn, or low water pressure.