Residential Plumbing & Radon Services by Patriot Plumbing

Your home should be a safe and comforting place—one without drips, leaks and harmful substances. Patriot Plumbing is your full-service plumbing and radon service provider, helping you protect the best part about your home: those who live inside of it.

From General Plumbing Repairs to Complex Installations

Sweating Copper Pipe

We deliver the equipment and necessary plumbing know-how to fix basic plumbing concerns and as well as the most complicated installations. Some of our services include:

  • General plumbing repairs for clogs and leaks
  • Remodeling
  • Re-piping
  • Fixture replacement and updates
  • Water softener and filter installation
Camera Snaking Drain

Expert Camera Snaking to Diagnose Drain & Sewer Complications

If you suspect a problem within your sewer drain, there’s no need to dig up your yard. Instead, we offer a sewer camera service to help diagnose the problem. We often camera for new homeowners looking for peace of mind in their new sewer system as well as code inspectors ensuring proper working condition. Through our sewer camera service, we can locate any cracks or breaks in your piping, fixing the problem at the source.

Plumber fixing water heater

Water Heater Installation

Do you need a new water heater installed? We install electric water heaters, gas water heaters, power vent water heaters and instant or tankless water heaters for both residential and commercial properties.

Radon Mitigation System Installation & Testing

Radon Mitigation System Installation & Testing

Radon is a dangerous, radioactive gas that can seep into buildings and homes through cracks in the foundation. As radon levels increase, they can be unsafe for your family and can lead to many illnesses, including lung cancer.

A radon mitigation system reduces radon concentrations in your home. Patriot Plumbing is nationally certified for testing and mitigation, installing radon mitigation systems often. We also perform a test to ensure the mitigation system is working properly to help protect you and your family.

Plumbing Problem at Home? Give Patriot a Call Today.

Plumbing problems at home often cause chaos and stress. Such problems are often best addressed quickly and by professionals you can trust. The experts at Patriot Plumbing are ready to help. Give us a call today at 262-966-2284 or send us a message.

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